The hugely popular real-time operating systems FreeRTOS was today release in version 7.1.0. The new version contains several improvements highly related to our Tracealyzer product, which makes it easy to get started with Tracealyzer on FreeRTOS.

The Tracealyzer product consists of two parts: the actual PC application “Tracealyzer” and a recorder library, which is delivered in C source code and needs to be added to the FreeRTOS system, in order to record the system behavior.

Adding the Tracealyzer recorder library to the new version of FreeRTOS is really easy:

  1. Add the recorder library source code to your project / makefile (four .c files)
  2. Include our main header in your “FreeRTOSConfig.h”.
  3. Call the recorder library initialization routine at system startup.

Percepio AB will make an official product launch for FreeRTOS in early 2012.

FreeRTOS is an open source software platform for developing embedded systems. It has become very popular, partly due to a liberal license which does not “infect” propriatary applications based on FreeRTOS. It was downloaded close to 90.000 times in 2010, where approximatly 50 % are commericial users. FreeRTOS was the most popular RTOS in UBM Electonics’ yearly market survey for 2011.

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