Nuremberg 2012-03-01

FreeRTOS with founder Richard Barry collaborates with Swedish Percepio AB on a new tool, FreeRTOS+Trace™, for runtime diagnostics of FreeRTOS-based systems.

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The embedded world was surprised when presented its large annual market survey in the summer of 2011. It showed that FreeRTOS has grown into the most popular software platform for embedded systems. FreeRTOS is open source with a license allowing for commercial use together with proprietary applications. It has been downloaded 170 000 times during 2010 and 2011 combined and over 460 000 times in total according Richard Barry, FreeRTOS creator and founder of Real Time Engineers ltd who coordinates the development.

In conjunction with the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg, Richard Barry and FreeRTOS launches a partner program, FreeRTOS+, for commercial third-party products designed for FreeRTOS. Percepio AB is a member and contributes with FreeRTOS+Trace, a world-leading runtime diagnostics tool now available for FreeRTOS-based embedded software systems. This is based on Percepio’s core technology Tracealyzer™, developed since 2004 and used by, e.g., ABB Robotics.

Richard Barry at Real Time Engineers says, “When I started planning for the partner program, a trace tool was an obvious and important component. The choice of Percepio as a partner for this was quite natural, since they are independent and unique specialists with many years’ experience in the field. They have a highly capable and impressive product that is easy to get started with. FreeRTOS+Trace from Percepio AB will make FreeRTOS an even more popular platform.”

FreeRTOS+Trace is now available for evaluation at and The software is offered in three versions: Free Edition, Standard Edition and Professional Edition, with flexible royalty-free licensing models.

Percepio AB also offers this for other operating systems, under the name Tracealyzer.

For further information, please contact:

Mikael Lindfors, Sales and Marketing Manager, Percepio AB

Phone: +46-70-3156424


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