We are proud to announce the release of FreeRTOS+Trace v2.2.3.

This is a major improvement since the last broadly announced version, v2.2.1, mainly in quality. Last week we made v2.2.2 available on our website and got some good, constructive feedback, which is now addressed in v2.2.3. With this release, all issues and suggestions reported have been addressed, and we have also made several other improvements.

You find the download at: http://www.percepio.se/index.php?page=downloads

Note that FreeRTOS+Trace v2.2.3 is backwards compatible with the older recorders, but not the other way around. Moreover, you will not get all benefits unless using the latest recorder, so it is advised to update both the recorder library and the FreeRTOS+Trace application.

Main changes:

* Even more efficient recording, allowing for longer traces or lower RAM usage.

* Possibility to choose between static and dynamic allocation of the trace data structure.

* More detailed “Trace Details” view, showing the buffer usage of each type of event.

* Important messages from the recorder are now displayed in FreeRTOS+Trace when opening a trace data file, e.g., if the allocation parameters in trcConfig.h needs to be adjusted.

* Improved parsing of trace data files (debugger RAM dumps). Earlier versions were sometimes fooled to read the wrong section of the RAM dump on some compilers, which caused some trouble.

* Support for Renesas RX600 series, and “unofficial” support included for six other common processor families.

* Demo project for Renesas High-performance Embedded Workshop (targeting RX600).

* Improved structure of the four Demo projects – now ready-to-run, with FreeRTOS included in the package.