Our upcoming product “Tracealyzer for Linux” is soon ready for release, and our pilot customer Zenterio has now received the initial delivery of our new trace recorder for Linux, Percepio Micro Tracer (PMT).
This has been developed as a complement to the LTTng tracing framework used in e.g. Wind River Linux and several other embedded/commercial distributions. The main advantage of PMT is that it works on standard kernels even back to version 2.6.31, while LTTng 2.x requires at least version 2.6.38. Moreover, the PMT recorder is very easy to use and does not require any kernel patches. PMT is however limited to single-core systems. Support for LTTng 2.x will soon be added to Tracealyzer for Linux, thereby supporting SMP/multi-core systems as well.

One new thing in the upcoming Tracealyzer version is the support for processes, i.e., related groups of threads. This will also be included in the new Tracealyzer for VxWorks, also available soon.

Below are some screenshots. The official product release is planned for june.

This recording was made on a desktop Linux system, which you can tell from some familiar process names.

The CPU load. The system is almost idle, with a few bursts of activity.

The communication flow diagram shows the active processes/threads and the inodes (i.e., file handles) used by these services.