(This answer is only applicable for Percepio’s own recorder library, used for e.g. FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS, SafeRTOS and Micrium µC/OS)

The below table shows an example, using version 2.5.1 of the recorder library when compiled for ARM Cortex M4 (Atmel SAM4S16C) using ARM GCC v4.7.3.

Recorder configuration Compiler optimization Flash usage
Basic features -Os (minimum size) 5,788 byte
Basic features -O3 (maximum speed) 6,840 byte
All features -Os (minimum size) 13,368 byte
All features -O3 (maximum speed) 16,196 byte


Using other compilers or microcontroller architectures other than ARM Cortex-M, the values will of course be different, but this example should give a good indication.