Tracealyzer for VxWorks uses the same data source as System Viewer in Wind River Workbench, but provides a more powerful visualization featuring over 20 different views that all are interconnected in clever ways. Tracealyzer is more intuitive to use and gives a much better understanding of your system.

Some unique features of Tracealyzer are:

Trace visualization: The main trace view in Tracealyzer uses a vertical time-line and display events (like system calls) using horizontal text labels, instead of the multitude of small, overlapping icons used in System Viewer. The labels are color-coded and automatically spread out (animated) to use the available space without overlapping. Moreover, the events can be easily filtered in different ways to quickly focus the view on relevant events. This makes the trace data easier to understand and draw conclusions from.

Visual dependencies: Dependencies between system calls, tasks and other kernel objects are understood and highlighted by Tracealyzer. For instance, when selecting an “msgQSend” call, the matching “msgQReceive” call can easily be found (i.e., where the specific message is received). Blocking system calls are visualized using red and green labels, where red means “blocking” and green “return from blocking. You can easily find the matching event using a context menu option found by right-clicking on the event. This makes it easier to follow a particular chain of events.

Integrated data plotting: Tracealyzer also allows you to plot any data included in user-defined events (User Events) and you can easily correlate the plotted data points with the scheduling, interrupts, system calls and other events to find the reason behind anomalies in the plot. This makes Tracealyzer very useful also for application-focused developers.

  “The many system views of the Tracealyzer from Percepio made it easy to quickly find solutions that we have not seen using (Wind River) System Viewer. The visualization has several advantages over the System Viewer and makes it much easier to understand the system behavior.”
Johan Fredriksson, Software Architect, SAAB AB.

Note that you don’t need Wind River Workbench installed to use Tracealyzer for VxWorks, since the VxWorks recorder (wvLib) can be controlled by the target system application or from a target system console. An upcoming release of Tracealyzer for VxWorks will contain a “remote control” panel for the VxWorks recorder.