VÄSTERÅS, Sweden and PARIS, France, March 27th, 2014.

Tracealyzer developer Percepio partners with Antycip
Swedish trace tool developer Percepio is partnering with Antycip for distribution in France regarding Tracealyzer for Linux and FreeRTOS+Trace, the Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS.

Percepio’s Tracealyzer tools provide a new level of insight into embedded software’s run-time behavior during development, verification and maintenance, which enable engineers to solve complex software problems quickly and to develop robust designs with improved performance.

Dr. Johan Kraft, CEO and founder of Percepio comments: “We are happy to welcome Antycip in our growing family of partners and distributors. Antycip has a solid reputation and is leading on FreeRTOS training in France. They are a perfect partner for our tool FreeRTOS+Trace. We are confident that this collaboration will be successful.”

Julien ZELLER, Product Manager at Antycip said: “We are happy to be associated with Percepio as their Tracealyzer solution extends our portfolio around RTOS and Linux technologies and especially for the well-known FreeRTOS. Percepio understands the unique demands of embedded software developments and we hope to achieve great success while working alongside them.”

About Percepio
Percepio AB was founded by Dr. Johan Kraft in 2009 based on applied research since 2003. Percepio got VC funding and launched its first product FreeRTOS+Trace in 2012, in partnership with the FreeRTOS author Richard Barry. Since then, Percepio have established several partners internationally and have developed five other versions of Tracealyzer for different operating systems, including Linux.

About Antycip
Since 1984, Antycip has strived to expand its position in the embedded market by enlisting the expertise of the embedded tools leaders. To meet the customer’s needs for software applications development, Antycip offers a comprehensive range of developments tools, including hardware platforms, RTOS, embedded protocol stacks (TCP/IP, SSL/TLS, USB, CAN), graphical libraries and embedded file systems. Antycip also offers services such as BSPs development, and hands-on training courses for FreeRTOS and for ARM-based microcontrollers.

Product Manager
14 rue Panicale, 78320 LA VERRIERE, France
Tel: +33 1 30 51 21 00

CEO and founder
Percepio AB
Köpmangatan 1A, 72215 VÄSTERÅS, Sweden.
Tel: +46 73 319 69 71

Press Release in PDF format

Antycip’s press release (in french).