June 19th, 2014.
Västerås, Sweden and Hermagor, Austria.

CARNICA TECHNOLOGY® (, the Austrian specialist for embedded development solutions today announced the extension of its solutions portfolio through the distribution alliance with the Swedish company PERCEPIO (, an internationally leading developer of visual trace diagnostics tools for embedded software development. Carnica Technology offers the Percepio products as sole distributor to customers in Austria and South Eastern Europe.

The range of products from Percepio include the Tracealyzer products for Linux, VxWorks, FreeRTOS and On Time RTOS-32. Tracealyzer provides an unprecedented insight into the run-time of embedded software, giving development more than 20 high-level views that complement the debugger perspective with the “big picture” and reveal anomalies at operating system level in behavior and timing. Tracealyzer allow developers to solve complex software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise needed, develop more robust software designs and find new ways to improve your software’s performance.

Dr. Johan Kraft, CEO of Percepio AB: “We are very excited to welcome Carnica as sole distributor of our Tracealyzer tools in this region. Based on Carnica’s extensive experience, competence and network, we are confident that more companies now will discover our Tracealyzer tools.”

Percepio AB was founded by Dr. Johan Kraft in 2009 based on applied research since 2003. Percepio launched their first Tracealyzer product FreeRTOS+Trace in 2012, in partnership with the FreeRTOS founder Richard Barry. Since then, Percepio have established many partners internationally and have launched several versions of Tracealyzer for Linux and various real-time operating systems.

Since 2003, Carnica Technology is a leading provider of development solutions for embedded software development in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania. The company offers products from PERCEPIO, IAR Systems, SEGGER Microcontroller, and UNICOI Systems, providing an international portfolio of first class tools and know-how partners. Carnica Technology offers his customers consulting, sales, training and technical support for introducing and implementing new methods and development tools. Well over 200 customers from all areas of the industry developing embedded products rely on Carnica Technology’s professional experience in embedded software development. Carnica Technology is a privately held company and has its head office in Hermagor/Austria.