We offer free academic licenses for all our products, which mainly has been requested for our FreeRTOS version of Tracealyzer, FreeRTOS+Trace.

On our last count, we have FreeRTOS+Trace users with academic licenses at 26 universities. It is great to see that so many students and researchers are seeing the value of software tracing!

Germany seems to be dominating the list, and Europe in general, followed some in the USA. But there are also academic users in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and Nigeria.

Two of the academic projects where FreeRTOS+Trace is used are these CubeSat projects:
– CubeSat project at Brown University:, http://www.browncubesat.org
– CubeSat project at Norwegian University of Science and Technology:, http://nuts.cubesat.no/

Very cool!