Today we released v2.7 of our Tracealyzer tools. Apart from the key improvements, there are several smaller fixes that you can benefit from. Some are not that obvious, so here are some pointers:

Easier selection in legend of horizontal views: The horizontal graphs offers a legend showing the color/name mapping. This also allows you to filter the view. You can now right-click in the legend and select “Show Only…” or “Show All”.


More compact display of scheduling trace: The main trace view allows for several ways of rendering the scheduling trace. The most straight-forward is the “Gannt View Mode”, where each task and interrupt has it’s own column. However, when zoomed in, this often results in many empty columns and an unnecessary wide display. You can now select hide empty columns, either automatically (only when the display don’t fit the window width) or always. Note that this is off by default (setting “Never”).


Export and compare text traces: The new Event Log view has an interresting feature – “Window -> Export…”. This allows you to compare traces using a standard diff/merge tool for text files. This way, you can spot differences between two versions of the same system, or between two behaviors (perhaps one correct and one that causes an error). If you don’t care about small changes in timing, you can hide the timestamps in the “Formatting” menu.