We are delighted to announce a new Tracealyzer targeting SEGGER embOS. The new Percepio embOS-Trace has been developed in collaboration with SEGGER to provide an unprecedented insight into the run-time world of SEGGER embOS applications.

Percepio embOS-Trace is designed for use with SEGGER J-Link debuggers and allow for continuous trace streaming on any J-Link debugger, for essentially unlimited durations. All you need is a SEGGER J-Link/J-Trace debug probe, an updated version of SEGGER embOS (version 4.06 or later) and our embOS-Trace software.

Percepio embOS-Trace is initially available for ARM Cortex-M MCUs. An evaluation package will be made available for download during the first week of March 2015, i.e., as soon as we return from the Embedded World show.

Like all Tracealyzer products, embOS-Trace offers a 30-day fully functional evaluation period and also includes a pre-recorded demo trace.

For further information, see the embOS-Trace page.