Percepio founder Dr. Johan Kraft will present “Runtime visualization on ARM Cortex-M devices” at Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS 2015). The presentation is on November 4 at 11:30, in the “Debug” session.


With increasing software complexity, runtime visualization becomes increasingly important for development productivity and product quality. Visualization allows embedded software developers to quickly gain important insights during validation, debugging and optimization. This presentation gives specific examples of how Percepio Tracealyzer has been applied by our customers to understand and solve real-world software issues related to software timing, RTOS behavior and CPU usage. We also present our new solution for software-defined event tracing on ARM Cortex-M devices, leveraging ARM’s debug interface and efficient encoding to enable continuous trace of RTOS and application events over long durations, using standard debug probes.

The full program of Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2015 is found here.