Västerås, Sweden 

Percepio AB, the Swedish developer of RTOS visualization tools, today announced that FreeRTOS+Trace targeting Microchip’s PIC32 microcontrollers (MCUs) and MPLAB® X IDE is now available on microchipDIRECT.


microchipDIRECT is the direct source of products from Microchip Technology Inc. It offers the largest inventory of Microchip’s products and development tools as well as many trusted third-party tools like Percepio’s FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32 MCUs.

FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32 comes with a plugin for MPLAB X IDE that streamlines the workflow, and thanks to Percepio’s close collaboration with Microchip and microchipDIRECT, FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32 is priced at a very attractive level, $149 for the Standard Edition and $249 for the Professional Edition.

Percepio founder and CEO Dr. Johan Kraft: “Getting this new Tracealyzer version on microchipIDRECT will help us to reach even more developers using PIC32 MCUs and MPLAB X IDE. They can now benefit from amazing runtime insights during debugging, and boost their development productivity.”

Standard and Professional Editions can both be ordered today on microchipDIRECT: FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32

Try it now!

FreeRTOS+Trace for PIC32 is available on the Downloads page. The application can be evaluated for 30 days with full functionality and a demo trace is included for a quick start. The required recorder library is included with the application and there are also ready-to-run demo projects for MPLAB® X IDE targeting PIC32MX and PIC32MZ.

For information about licensing options, please refer to the Licensing page. Licenses can be purchased via microchipDIRECT and in the Percepio Store.