We are proud to announce the availability of an updated Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS, version 3.0.4. Updated versions for other platforms will follow shortly.

Changes include:

Support for Atmel Studio 7
The Tracealyzer extension for Atmel Studio (“FreeRTOS+Trace” found in Atmel Gallery) now supports trace upload via Atmel Studio 7. For technical reasons we had to drop support for Atmel Studio 6.x in this build, but we plan to publish a separate version for this purpose.

Better support for Low Power Mode
Improvements and bug fixes in the tracing of FreeRTOS systems using “tickless idle” and Low Power Mode.

ARM Cortex A9 support
The recorder library now includes “out-of-the-box” support for ARM Cortex A9 devices.

Improved SEGGER J-Link integration
Menus and dialogs related to the J-Link upload function has been reorganized in a more logic way.

And of course, several minor improvements and bug fixes…

Download for Windows (.exe)   Download for Linux (.tgz)