In the end of February we exhibited at Embedded World, which is the largest Embedded Systems trade show in the world with about 1000 exhibitors and 25,000 visitors. The show was very successful for Percepio! We had a lot of interested visitors and we were approached by several major MCU vendors interested in collaboration. It seems that more and more developers use RTOS-based designs, face more complex, event-driven applications, and are in need of visualization that not only displays but also explains the runtime behavior. Many were really impressed by Tracealyzer!

Percepio founder and CEO Dr. Johan Kraft was also interviewed by Embedded Computing Design, video below.

We had two booths this year, one in Hall 4 and another in Hall 1 provided by our partner Microchip. During the three day show, Dr. Kraft gave in total six presentations, most together with Mr. Richard Barry, author of FreeRTOS.

Johan Kraft and Richard Barry

Johan’s presentation is found here: Faster FreeRTOS Development with Tracealyzer.pdf.

The presentation included two customer cases, which are also published in blog format here and here.