Niclas Lindblom, Percepio’s new FAE is down in Benelux with Richard Barry of FreeRTOS fame, and our distributor Indes on the second of three Embedded Masterclass training seminars. Niclas took the picture, so you can’t see him, but you can see Richard explaining the finer points of FreeRTOS usage with the help of Tracealyzer.


Richard Barry using Tracealyzer

Richard Barry using Tracealyzer to explain FreeRTOS behavior at Embedded Masterclass in Benelux this morning


Tracealyzer is available for several common RTOS, including FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS, Linux, VxWorks, Micrium µC/OS-III, and a version for ThreadX will be released during 2016. And we have several new and exciting analysis features in development that allows for even better performance analysis, so stay tuned!

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