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We’d like to encourage our user community to spread the word about Tracealyzer and help each other with tips and usage ideas, so we have an offer we will keep open until midnight Sunday, 25 September, 2016.

We’d like you to host your own video or blog on a relevant 3rd party site – then send the content to

This is not a contest. Any content that meets the criteria* will receive a gift card.

Amazon campaign

Below you’ll find a couple tiers of user content we are looking for with descriptions of possible examples, but don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to these examples.

$100.00 Amazon gift card

Written materials (400+ words):

  • Getting started: Where would you begin? Explain to a new user how to get started with Tracealyzer.
  • What were you doing before Tracealyzer? Why did you choose Tracealyzer? How has your development process improved?
  • What are your favorite visualizations to use with Tracealyzer?
  • What’s the most useful feature Tracealyzer offers in your opinion?
  • How did you solve a problem with Tracealyzer?
  • Don’t forget to include your development environment, RTOS, Debugger, IDE, or Development board

Here’s a couple of examples:

Open Pilot Next Gen tunes ISR with Tracealyzer

Starting with FreeRTOS and Tracealyzer on Renesas RZ/A1

Customer Case: Increased response time?

$200.00 Amazon gift card 

Video Tutorials (5+ minutes):

  • How-to’s & Step by Steps (How did you find a specific bug? How to use Tracealyzer for performance trimming? Deploying Tracealyzer as a crash recorder)
  • Using Tracealyzer with a specific development board
  • Share a video and document step by step – Unpacking, integration, configuration, deployment
  • Review us! How easy was it to get started? What do you find most helpful about Tracealyzer?

Here’s a great example:

New Tracealyzer video explores advanced features

Have another awesome idea you think you should get paid for? Just send us a note with your idea to

Claiming your Amazon Gift Card

Three easy steps:

  1. Create your content
  2. Post it on a relevant 3rd party site
  3. Send the following information to to qualify:



Link to your post:

Notes for us:

You’ll have until Midnight, Sunday 25 September 2016.

Once again, this is not a contest. Any content that meets the criteria* will receive a gift card.

Don’t have the latest version of Tracealyzer?

*We reserve the right to judge the quality of the materials as suitable.  A video of your dog barking the word Tracealyzer might be funny, but does not count – unless of course it goes viral, and our download servers go down from the traffic, but you get the idea.