When Surrey Space Centre was to validate an RTOS-based communications firmware for an ESA satellite, ESEO, they turned to Percepio Tracealyzer. In this video, Dr Chris Bridges and Pete Bartrum explains the satellite design, requirements and why they decided to use Tracealyzer.

As you can imagine, firmware that is going into space has strict requirements on dependability and must be able to handle unexpected scenarios. Especially if a failure will be on the national news! This ESA satellite will be launched some time in 2017.

Percepio’s market-leading RTOS visualization tools provides more than 25 views of the real-time behavior, which gives amazing insight into the real-time execution of tasks, interrupts and kernel calls. This facilitates not only debugging, validation, and optimization, but also documentation and training. Tracealyzer helped the Surrey Space Centre – think what it could do for your system!

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