Join us as Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS), in Kista (Stockholm, Sweden), November 22-23. Percepio founder Dr. Johan Kraft will give a presentation titled “Common RTOS-related Bugs – How Avoid and Detect”.

The presentation is on the 23rd, at 09:15 – 10:00 (track 1/M1).

See you there!



Real-time operating systems (RTOS) are increasingly common in embedded software due to the increasingly complex and connected nature of the applications. But RTOS and multi-threading also introduce new types of problems related to timing, synchronization and resource usage; elusive bugs where traditional techniques for embedded software testing are ineffective.

The first part of this talk will discuss common RTOS-related problems, why they occur and “best practices” in embedded software design for avoiding them. The second part will present techniques for detecting several kinds of RTOS-related problems and how visualization can facilitate analysis and debugging of such issues.