Embedded Tools Alliance


London, UK: Wed 8th March 2017

Today a number of industry leading companies in the embedded tools industry announce a new milestone in embedded system development – the Embedded Tools Alliance (ETA).

The embedded developers’ toolbox is complex and involves many components: IDE (Integrated Development Environment), compilers, debuggers, trace tools, test tools, debug and flash programming hardware, target operating system, target middleware and training.  Choosing the right components is enormously complex and prompts a huge number of questions, each of which takes time to answer, and also poses risk to the project’s success:

Do they work on the same host OS?   Which versions need to be used? How should they be configured?  Do they interoperate correctly? Do they work together to produce an optimal result? Have they been validated? Has the combination of these components been validated or certified?

The embedded marketplace is fragmented with a huge number of suppliers. Some large vertically integrated companies try to offer every component required. This approach stagnates innovation, provides limited choice, and doesn’t allow customers to choose best-in-class solutions to address their project’s specific needs.

The Embedded Tools Alliance helps customers select the best components from a number of different suppliers, safe in the knowledge that the individual components are of the highest quality, proven to work together, and do exactly what’s required so the customer can concentrate on their development work rather than fighting with a disparate set of legacy tools and environments.

The Embedded Tools Alliance is a collaboration of industry-leading independent embedded system vendors.

Individually our members offer high quality solutions addressing at least one aspect of embedded software development. Combined together, our members’ offerings provide best-in-class solutions for embedded developers seeking the widest range of features to help complete their project on time, with the best possible technical results, and highest quality.

Through technical collaboration we ensure our products interoperate correctly, smoothly, and simply.

Through marketing and sales we promote our combined solutions to ensure we can offer our customers a superior choice of components to meet their specific requirements.

Members of the Embedded Tools Alliance are recognized industry leaders supporting a wide range of embedded microcontrollers from multiple vendors. They offer proven products and solutions with validated quality and interoperability whilst offering leading edge features, benefits and support.

SOMNIUM® Technologies : www.somniumtech.com

SOMNIUM is a leading supplier of embedded C/C++ development tools.  SOMNIUM DRT is the only product on the market offering a seamless upgrade path from entry level tools to a professional, fully supported environment with leading edge debug tools and validated, highly optimized code generation using SOMNIUM’s patented resequencing technology. Using DRT will save you time, money and help you get the best technical results.

SOMNIUM will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2017 on March 14th -March 16th in Nuremberg. Come and see us in Hall 4 stand 170 for a demo of SOMNIUM® DRT.

SOMNIUM will also be exhibiting at Microchip’s partner village in Hall 1 stand 510 where they will also be giving presentations and demos of DRT products every day from March 14th – March 16th. SOMNIUM will also be presenting and demonstrating DRT working with VectorCast on the Vector Software stand on March 14th at 13:00.

P&E Microcomputer Systems : www.pemicro.com

An industry trendsetter since 1980, PEmicro provides high quality in-circuit development and production programming solutions for the embedded market. Features of PEmicro’s products include in-circuit debug, trace, live data streaming, power measurement, RTOS awareness, GDB integration, stand-alone programming, gang programming, automation, and more.
PEmicro’s debug technology and Multilink hardware provide for a cost effective and feature rich development platform. PEmicro’s Cyclone production programmers provide unrivaled features and performance to enable high quality manufacturing. PEMicro are committed to providing prompt, knowledgeable, customer support.

PEmicro will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2017 March 14th – March 16th in Hall 4 Booth 123 where they will be demonstrating new RTOS awareness features in our debug software as well as barcode driven production programming.

Percepio : www.percepio.com

Percepio Tracealyzer reveals what is actually going on in embedded and IoT systems during runtime. Trace the real-time behavior of your operating system and application, gain insight with sophisticated visualization. Avoid the guesswork and boost your productivity. Find bottlenecks and improve performance. Over 25 linked views designed to illustrate different aspects of runtime behavior and relationships. Available for several operating systems, including FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS, µC/OS, ThreadX, Keil RTX5, Linux and VxWorks.

Percepio will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2017 in Hall 4 stand 305, and Microchip’s partner village (Hall 1 stand 510) where they will be presenting and giving demonstrations of Tracealyzer.

Runtime : www.runtime.io

Runtime provides cloud-based IoT device management and is a complete solutions provider for consumer, medical, commercial and industrial IoT applications. Free, open source software is essential to all Runtime offerings. Apache Mynewt includes the world’s first open source, controller-level Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 stack for MCUs and a highly efficient OIC 1.1 application framework. The OS was built for manageability — pre- and post-deployment. Runtime also contributes to the Linux Foundation’s Zephyr Project, embedded middleware components, and network protocol stack initiatives.
Runtime provides commercial support for Apache Mynewt and, soon, Zephyr. Runtime’s Developer Cloud exploits the intrinsic management hooks in Apache Mynewt and includes secure boot and over-the-air upgrade, continuous integration, crash dump analysis, and rich performance statistics across MCU, transceiver, and OS tasks. Deployment Cloud exploits the same hooks, but at massive scale.
Runtime will be attending Embedded World 2017. To speak with Runtime, please email contact@runtime.io.

Solid Sands : www.solidsands.nl

The C programming language is powering the fabric of our infrastructure as well as the embedded systems in our cars, factories and homes. We’d better make sure it is good. Solid Sands is the one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler and library testing, validation and safety services. Solid Sands’ SuperTest is the largest compiler test and validation suite and it has a unique level of coverage. It also includes tests aimed at compiler internals such as analyses, transformations and optimizations, and the code generator. Its POSIX based user interface seamlessly integrates into any compiler development or user environment, allows for easy addition of new tests and cross platform validation support. SuperTest helps its customers to achieve the compiler quality level that is required by the ISO language and functional safety standards.

SOMNIUM use Solid Sands’ SuperTest as part of their compiler test and validation process. Solid Sands will be attending Embedded World 2017 and will be presenting at the Vector Software stand on Wednesday 15th March at 13:00.  Contact marianne@solidsands.nl for an appointment at EW2017.

Beningo Embedded Group: www.beningo.com

Beningo Embedded’s mission is to accelerate innovation, time-to-market and technical expertise. Our mission is accomplished through world-class consulting, design and training services. We dramatically transform our clients’ businesses by improving product quality, cost and time to market. Resource constrained, microcontroller based systems are our expertise and we have helped clients in areas such as software and process audits, architect and design software, optimize for low power operation, remotely update their systems securely, develop drivers, integrate middleware along with designing, educating and advising on real-time, RTOS based systems.
Jacob Beningo will be demonstrating SOMNIUM DRT and Percepio TraceAlyzer at Embedded World 2017 in Microchip’s partner village (Hall 1 stand 510).

“SOMNIUM is proud to be a founder of the Embedded Tools Alliance and to recognize our industry leading partners in the embedded tools market. Together we are stronger, and offer compelling solutions for developers seeking high quality tools solutions to meet their project’s exact needs”, said Dave Edwards, Founder and CEO/CTO of SOMNIUM Technologies.

“Modern software developers need a whole suite of tools in order to meet their requirements. Tools which come from many different sources.  The Embedded Tools Alliance is a way to ensure that developers get the right tools for the job, and that they work together correctly, seamlessly and effectively. Percepio is proud to be a founding member of the Embedded Tools Alliance”, Mike Skrtic Marketing Manager, Percepio AB.
“PEmicro is pleased to be a founding member of the Embedded Tools Alliance and to partner with other leading companies to provide a high quality integrated and  best-in-class set of development, programming, IoT, and test tools”, Kevin Perreault, President, P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc.

“Runtime is thrilled to contribute to the Embedded Tools Alliance,” stated Sterling Hughes, CTO/Co-Founder at Runtime. “Open source OSes and middleware are nascent but unstoppable trends in embedded, just as Linux and ‘web stacks’ disrupted modern software development a decade ago. Correspondingly, modern embedded tools are needed to de-risk embedded development and realize the full potential of the IoT.”

“Software development is hard, especially for embedded systems, and quality tools can make the difference between a great project and being late to market,” said Marcel Beemster, CTO of Solid Sands. “We are proud to be a founding member of this alliance where each company presents products that are the best in their field and that are created by people that care for the products and their users.”

“Beningo Embedded believes in doing everything we can to help developers and companies accelerate innovation and positively impact their clients lives. We are honoured to be involved in the Embedded Tools Alliance which will dramatically help companies build and integrate their solutions quickly and focus on their core product features” said Jacob Beningo, President of Beningo Embedded Group.

Media contact: eta@somniumtech.com
Phone: +44 1173 704 295