Webinar RTOS Fundamentals using FreeRTOS and the STM32

Embedded system complexity has reached the point where many systems require a real-time operating system. In this webinar, attendees will become familiar with the design methodologies necessary to properly schedule tasks in addition to understanding when and where to use mutexes, semaphores and message queues. Important concepts such as preventing priority inversions, deadlock and thread starvation will be examined.

The webinar will provide hands-on demonstrations using the STM32 Nucleo boards with the Atollic TrueStudio toolchain and of course Percepio Tracealyzer. Jacob Beningo of Beningo Engineering will be presenting.

When:  21 June 2017

Registration and local times here

Topics Covered in this Webinar Include

  • Creating and managing tasks
  • Methods and techniques for creating and using mutexes
  • Methods and techniques for creating and using semaphores
  • Methods and techniques for creating and using message queues
  • Example uses for task synchronization services in a real-time embedded system
  • Review scheduling dangers such as priority inversion, deadlock and thread starvation along with recommendations to prevent these dangerous situations
  • Best practices for using an RTOS in an embedded system
  • Tracing program execution using Tracealyzer
  • Recommendations for going further

Note: If you are unable to attend, the video recording will be provided after the webinar within 24 hours.