ARC Summit

Synopsys ARC Processor Summit is a free one-day event where you can pick from any of 25+ technical seminars on embedded development and electronic design. This year’s Summit takes place on September 26 and Percepio will be there discussing how to catch bugs in RTOS-based programming.

Once again we are represented on the stage by our Field Application Engineer Niclas Lindblom. He will talk about “… common RTOS-related bugs, why they occur and best practices in embedded software design for avoiding them. We also present techniques and tools for visualization and analysis of RTOS-related issues, to provide better insight and thereby facilitate debugging and general understanding of the runtime events.”

We will remain in Silicon Valley a few days after the event to meet with partners and customers. If you want to set up a meeting, please contact Mike Skrtic – the sooner the better.

When: 26 September 2017

Where: Santa Clara, California

Registration and conference schedule here