Embedded Conf Scandinavia


Embedded Conference Scandinavia, ECS, takes place on 7–8 November, 2017 at Kistamässan in Stockholm, Sweden. Last year’s conference attracted just under 2,000 delegates so ECS now claims to be the largest embedded conference in Europe.

The conference program is still in flux but the organizers have announced the first keynote speaker: Maarten Struys, Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft, will talk about “Windows 10 IoT – From Device to Cloud”; that is, the Internet of Things and Microsoft’s role in that ecosystem. A complete program will be available at www.embeddedconference.se in the middle of September.

Come and meet Percepio

ECS has grown steadily each year since its start in 2006 and has developed into a leading international event offering a great conference, a compact exhibition, popular social activities and, last but not least, the annual Swedish Embedded Award. Attending ECS and all the conference sessions is free of charge, but you need to register at the site before the conference.

If you intend to visit ECS and want to meet with Percepio, please feel free to drop a line to Mike Skrtic and we can arrange something.

RTOS at Sensors Midwest

For our readers in the US, there is another conference coming up: Sensors Midwest in Rosemont, Illinois, on 3–4 October. As the name suggests, the conference is primarily about sensor technology and applications, but the schedule includes some things of interest for embedded developers too.

One thing we’d like to point out is a half-day workshop about RTOS development on Wednesday the 4th, hosted by embedded consultant and long-time Percepio friend Jacob Beningo. He will talk about design methodologies necessary to properly select and use a RTOS; topics covered include scheduling, how to properly size the stack, using message queues, debugging and also tracing execution with Percepio Tracealyzer.

One can register for Sensors Midwest, including the RTOS workshop, on-site but it is cheaper to register in advance.