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A research group at Mälardalen University here in Västerås, Sweden, is investigating how RTOS trace tools like Percepio Tracealyzer can be extended for testing purposes and automatically detect bugs related to concurrency and timing.

To validate their research, they need real-world bug examples. We at Percepio want to help them obtain RTOS traces, recorded with Tracealyzer, showing a bug or performance issue. So we turn to you, our users: perhaps you have something to share?

Send your trace file and a description of the bug to The description must explain what the problem is (the symptoms) and how it appears in Tracealyzer. In return, every contribution accepted by Percepio will be rewarded with a $25 gift certificate from (terms and conditions apply, see details below).

Take this chance to support academic research into embedded development! As a nice bonus, this is also a very good opportunity to influence the next generation debug tools from Percepio.

Terms & conditions:

  • We must be able to view the trace in Tracealyzer and understand from the supplemental documentation what the problem is/was.
  • You may submit several examples but the offer is restricted to one gift certificate per person.
  • Gift certificates are only given out for contributions that are accepted by Percepio, meaning that they sufficiently meet our criteria with respect to the trace provided and the documentation of the recorded bug. We reserve the right to reject contributions.
  • By submitting your material to Percepio, you are granting us and Mälardalen University the right to use it for research, development and marketing purposes. Any information that could reveal your identity and/or company will be removed before use.