This is our third preview video of Tracealyzer 4, due out early next year, and this time we focus on two entirely new features: State Graphs and Intervals. Both features allow you to customize the visualization and analysis for your own system and the issue at hand.

State Graphs can be created automatically from your trace, based on any event with software or hardware state information. This way, you can more easily verify that your program is executing as you intended.

Intervals allow you to measure the time between any two events, for display on the timeline and to get statistics. This can be used for states, much like a logic analyzer integrated in Tracealyzer. It also allows for custom profiling: you can measure just about any performance metrics you are interested in, like the time from a system input to the corresponding output, either within a single task or in between related tasks. Custom intervals can even show when hardware peripherals are active, for debugging and energy usage analysis.

The regular update price is $395/EUR 350, but anyone who orders Tracealyzer 3 today will receive a free upgrade to version 4 when it ships.

Check out our Youtube channel to view two previous videos about Tracealyzer 4, plus several other videos showing Tracealyzer in action.