Percepio’s European training partner MicroConsult in Munich, Germany, offers an extensive 4-day course in RTOS architecture and programming. The course, aptly named “RTOS Mechanisms and their Application in Runtime Architectures for Embedded and Real-time Systems”, covers a broad range of topics.

  • General Introduction: Real-time Operating System
  • Process/Thread/Task Management
  • Interrupt Management
  • Time Management
  • Coordination Mechanisms: Synchronization
  • Coordination Mechanisms: Resource Management
  • Communication Mechanisms
  • Memory Management
  • Input/Output Management
  • Debugging at Operating System Mechanism Level
  • Embedded and Real-time Software Development Procedure
  • Multicore and Multiprocessor Aspects
  • Documentation and Communication
  • Operating System Abstraction Layer OSAL
  • Operating System Selection Guidelines and Product Overview

Practical programming exercises are thrown in throughout the course, leading students through the development of an RTOS-based measurement device application.

The next course takes place 16-19 April; if that’s too soon there will be at least two more opportunities in 2018 and two in the spring of 2019.
UPDATE: the class in April is now fully booked but there are still seats left for the next class, in July.

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