Tracealyzer 4 and Micrium

Percepio has released Tracealyzer version 4.1 with support for Micrium µC/OS-III. We have also added support for RTOS tracing via Arm’s ITM interface (Instrumentation Trace Macrocell), that allows very fast streaming of software trace data with low overhead.

“Tracealyzer 4 is such a massive improvement over previous versions and as we have been working closely with Micrium since 2013, supporting µC/OS-III has been a priority for us. Many Micrium users have asked for this and now it is here,” says Johan Kraft, CEO of Percepio.

Developers using µC/OS-III can now benefit from the many new features in Tracealyzer 4, such as unlimited tracing, advanced live visualization, a new modern user interface and user-defined analysis and visualization.

Try ITM tracing now

In addition, the new release introduces support for RTOS tracing via ITM, a feature available on many ARM Cortex M-based MCUs. Streaming trace data via ITM can be very fast; in lab tests Percepio has achieved transfer speeds exceeding 2 Mbytes/s. Moreover, with ITM there is no need for a RAM buffer in the target which allows you to do RTOS tracing with minimal overhead.

We have a short blog post up about ITM tracing, and also a detailed Application Note to help you get started with this exciting technology using Arm Keil µVision and Tracalyzer.

Tracealyzer 4.1 is available for download at Support for ITM tracing is initially available for Keil µVision with FreeRTOS and Micrium µC/OS-III, but support is planned for other RTOSes and development tools soon.