Percepio is moving offices

Tomorrow Friday is a special day here at Percepio HQ – we’re moving offices. We are not moving very far, the new office is a ten-minute walk from our current one, but it is absolutely a step up for the company. We’ll have our own offices with plenty of space to grow (and we are getting ready to grow now). Not to mention that Västerås’ finest bakery is just around the corner.

We may not be able to answer support emails or phone calls tomorrow, but we ask that you have patience with us. We will be back in full swing on Monday, 4th June.

In Västerås, it is always ABB

One funny aspect of being in Västerås, Sweden, is that you just cannot escape the city’s industrial past. Our current office is part of a collaborative space at Synerleap, a startup hub within the research arm of Swedish-Swiss electricity giant ABB – which has its Swedish roots in 19th century Västerås, and still commands a huge presence in the city.

And the new place? It’s in the middle of a large block of beautiful 19th century brick buildings that used to house ABB’s manufacturing but nowadays have been converted to modern offices, schools and restaurants. So in a way we’ll still be ABB tenants.

Our new address is Trefasgatan 3, 3rd floor, SE-72130 Västerås. Phone number, mail et cetera stays the same.

Win a Tracealyzer T-shirt!

Tracealyzer T-shirtTo celebrate the move, we have a bonus quiz with a fine prize: Asea, the Swedish half of ABB, is but one of the two widely known, multinational corporations founded in Västerås. Can you name the other one? Mail your answer to; the first twelve correct answers will be rewarded with a black Tracealyzer 4 t-shirt. (For fairness, the quiz is only open to people not from, or living in, Sweden.)

The t-shirts come in two sizes (XL, XXL). Please indicate the size you want and don’t forget to include your postal address.