Västerås, Sweden, 16th October 2018   * * *   Percepio, the leader in software trace visualization for embedded systems and IoT, announces an important step in its partnership with SoC analytics IP vendor UltraSoC. Together the two companies have integrated Percepio Tracealyzer with UltraDevelop 2, announced today. UltraDevelop is UltraSoC’s complete integrated development environment (IDE) for system-on-chip (SoC) development teams.

The visualization capabilities of Tracealyzer 4 will provide UltraDevelop 2 users with an integrated view of both hardware and software operation in multicore SoCs.

“Our cooperation with UltraSoC signals Percepio’s transition from an RTOS tracing tool vendor into the leading visualization specialist in a broader spectrum of systems development. Tracealyzer is no longer just for RTOS software developers. By combining hardware and software visualization, developers get a much better picture of how their systems work, from bus activity up to OS scheduling. It is all connected and now you can see how,” says Percepio CEO and founder Johan Kraft.

Rupert Baines, UltraSoC CEO, comments:  “Developers are desperate for technologies that can help them manage the complexities of today’s systems. UltraDevelop 2 allows engineering teams to view their designs in real-time, interactively and at exactly the level of detail they require – and with strong links between the worlds of hardware and software. Working with Percepio has allowed us to create an extremely powerful toolset that delivers the actionable insights required by system developers to foster innovation, increase product quality, cut time-to-market and reduce costs.”

The UltraDevelop 2 IDE, including Tracealyzer visualization, will be available for UltraSoC customers starting in Q1 2019.

The full press release is available here.