Tracealyzer v4.2.9 showing VxWorks

Just in time for the winter break, we have released Tracealyzer 4.2.9 with some new improvements and bug fixes.

  • Better support for large systems with many actors (tasks and ISRs), as the trace view can now hide inactive actors automatically. Tracealyzer will ask about enabling this feature if there are too many actors to fit the current window size, but can also enable/disable this feature in the project settings. Hidden actors are represented by grey areas in between the visible actors, that becomes 1 pixel wider for each hidden actor.
  • Improved library and documentation for VxWorks, making it easier to start, stop and save traces from the target code (see tracealyzer.h in the VxWorks directory).
  • Improved documentation for the “User Event Interpretations” dialog, which was recently added with VxWorks users in mind. This allows for parsing binary data blobs, e.g. saved using the VxWorks function wvEvent(), into formatted User Events. This also allows for extracting values from the data, that can be plotted with the User Event Signal Plot.
  • The Filter panel now group objects by their type, just like in Tracealyzer 3.
  • Fixed an issue where some views, e.g. the CPU Load Graph, appeared empty under certain circumstances during live streaming.
  • And several other minor bug fixes.

Happy holidays from the Percepio team!