In a previous post on the AWS Partner blog, Percepio CEO Johan Kraft showed how to get started with AWS IoT Core and Amazon FreeRTOS on the NXP OM40007 IoT kit using Percepio Tracealyzer for debugging support.

This week, Johan is back with a follow-up, How to Solve Tricky Embedded IoT Challenges with Insightful Analysis, where he digs deeper into Amazon FreeRTOS with a particular focus on the communication stack for AWS IoT Core. He shows how AWS Secure Sockets communication can be analyzed using Tracealyzer, ensuring your system doesn’t generate unnecessary data traffic. The article presents an example where two minor bugs sometimes coincided, causing the system to generate 10 times more data than expected, and how the cause of an issue like that can be identified.

Percepio is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Standard Technology Partner since the launch of Amazon FreeRTOS in the fall of 2017.