Richard Barry, the founder of FreeRTOS, gave a superb presentation on the future of FreeRTOS earlier this spring. He followed FreeRTOS to Amazon Web Services where he still oversees the project, and he could confirm that it is one healthy open source product. The number of downloads per year continue to climb year over year and reached about 180 000 in 2018.

The current release of FreeRTOS is 10.2.1 and it comes with support for the latest ARMv8-M MCUs, as well as the open source Risc-V architecture.

DFM in the AWS ecosystem

From a Percepio perspective, it was a nice surprise that Richard Barry put up two slides about our Device Firmware Monitor as one of two new, innovative “Ecosystem Products” for AWS IoT worth mentioning. Percepio has a long history with FreeRTOS, starting with the release of Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS – or FreeRTOS+Trace as it was called back then – some seven years ago, and we are looking forward to continued collaboration on that front.

Richard Barry’s slides are available for download here. (PDF)