Renesas Synergy Software Package and DFM

Together with our partner Renesas, we made a demo video of Percepio Device Firmware Monitor running on a Renesas AE-Cloud2 developer kit. The demonstration, which walks you through both Tracealyzer and DFM, is available as a free on-demand webinar from Renesas, available here.

Device Firmware Monitor is Percepio’s cloud-based service for IoT product organizations that provides awareness of firmware problems in deployed devices. Using DFM, a development team gets instant alerts when a deployed device detects a software or hardware error. The alert is accompanied by a Tracealyzer trace that tells developers exactly what occurred in the device immediately before the detected error.

Ported to ThreadX

The Synergy Software Package (SSP) that Renesas provides in their AE-Cloud2 kit includes the ThreadX RTOS from Express Logic. This was a challenge for us when preparing the demo, given that we have had DFM running exclusively on FreeRTOS and AWS IoT cloud infrastructure since its inception. However we architected the product in a way that enables us to add support for other RTOSes and cloud providers, but this was to be the first real test. In the end our efforts paid off, as we ported the DFM Agent, the software module responsible for reporting alerts, to ThreadX in just a few days.

SSP supports several IoT cloud providers including AWS IoT, so the example we show runs on AWS. Still, we’re committed to making DFM run just as well on other cloud infrastructures.

Percepio DFM is still in beta, so while it is too early for us to begin taking orders, let us know if you are interested in evaluating DFM by contacting us at and we will get back to you. In the meantime, you can register for and watch Renesas’ on-demand webinar.