Arm Keil and Percepio will host a joint webinar 11 June, 16.00 (CEST) – Software analysis of complex Cortex-M applications, with Reinhard Keil, Senior Director of Embedded Tools at Arm and Johan Kraft, Percepio CEO.

In the past, debugging was all about run/stop debuggers and instruction trace. However, in complex embedded applications it can be difficult to find the root cause of problems without knowing where to place breakpoints or triggers. Furthermore, run/stop debugging may interfere with real-time applications.

Arm Cortex-M systems offer an alternative to run/stop debugging: event annotations. This technique can be used to analyze the dynamic operation of your software with a standard debug probe.

Register now to learn more about event annotations and how the software development solutions of Arm Keil and Percepio facilitates debugging and monitoring of Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers.