Percepio is a talented and tightly knit product team in Sweden within IoT and embedded systems. We have 600+ customers globally, including several Fortune 500 companies, and extensive international collaboration with leading industry vendors.

The Percepio team is characterized by a curiosity and passion for technology and solutions enabling unique customer benefits. We have a flat organization and great trust in our team members to allow for a flexible work-life balance. We begun as a startup over ten years ago and have kept that spirit as we have grown into a stable company.

While we’re not actively looking to expand our team right now, we are always on the lookout for talented people. If you think you’re the kind of person that would like to be involved with creating cutting edge technology and bringing it to market, drop us a CV at

Percepio's Västerås office, located in Kopparlunden

The Västerås office is located in Kopparlunden, an old industrial site that is now a charming neighborhood full of innovative companies, 1 km from the train station and city center. The office was renovated in 2018.

About Percepio

Percepio is the leading provider of visual trace diagnostics for developers of embedded and IoT software. Percepio AB was founded in 2009 and have 600+ customers globally, including several Fortune 500 companies. We collaborate with leading vendors like Amazon Web Services, ST Microelectronics, Xilinx, NXP and Infineon. We have two main product families: Percepio Tracealyzer can be viewed as a “surveillance camera” for embedded and IoT software that lets our customers speed up software development and make better products. Percepio DevAlert is a cloud-based solution for IoT devices, allowing for data-driven product improvements and quick resolution of remaining software issues, based on real world usage.

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Our Products

Percepio® is the leading provider of visual trace diagnostics for embedded and IoT software systems in development and in the field.


Percepio® Tracealyzer combines software tracing with powerful visualizations, allowing users to spot and analyze issues in software recordings during development and testing.

Learn more about Tracealyzer


Percepio® DevAlert is a cloud-connected monitoring framework for OEMs developing RTOS device software, providing instant insight on bugs and anomalies.

Learn more about DevAlert