Tracealyzer 2.7

We are proud to announce the availability of Tracealyzer version 2.7, including FreeRTOS+Trace, Tracealyzer for Linux, Tracealyzer for VxWorks, and Tracealyzer for On Time RTOS-32. This is the largest update in two years! Key improvements include: Linux support: The Percepio Tracealyzer tools now also run on Linux, through Mono, an open source .NET framework supported [...]

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Academic Users Everywhere

We offer free academic licenses for all our products, which mainly has been requested for our FreeRTOS version of Tracealyzer, FreeRTOS+Trace. On our last count, we have FreeRTOS+Trace users with academic licenses at 26 universities. It is great to see that so many students and researchers are seeing the value of software tracing! Germany seems [...]

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Integration with MPLAB X IDE

We are pleased to announce an integration with Microchip MPLAB X IDE, which makes it much easier to use FreeRTOS+Trace with Microchip debuggers and boards. From v2.7 we also provide MPLAB demonstration projects for both PIC32MX and PIC32MZ. The integration is an MPLAB plugin that extract the trace data from the target system (from the [...]

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Presenting at ECS 2014

This year, we give two presentations at Embedded Conference Scandinavia. Day 1 (Nov. 4) at 09.30: Get started with FreeRTOS and FreeRTOS+Trace (with Richard Barry) Day 2 (Nov. 5) at 09.30 (yes, same time): Software tracing on virtual hardware using Emul8 and Tracealyzer   To participate in the 2-hour FreeRTOS hands-on workshop, you need to sign up. There are [...]

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Article in Design & Elektronik

Our recent article about Linux tracing with LTTng and Tracealyzer was recently published in a German translation by the leading publication Design & Elektronik. You find the article here.

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Press Release: Carnica Technology new Percepio Reseller

PRESS RELEASE June 19th, 2014. Västerås, Sweden and Hermagor, Austria. CARNICA TECHNOLOGY® (, the Austrian specialist for embedded development solutions today announced the extension of its solutions portfolio through the distribution alliance with the Swedish company PERCEPIO (, an internationally leading developer of visual trace diagnostics tools for embedded software development. Carnica Technology offers the [...]

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Article in Elektroniktidningen

We recently contributed an article to the Swedish electronics magazine Elektroniktidningen, on the subject of software-based trace in Linux using LTTng and Tracealyzer. This is an extended version of the earlier article in Electronics Weekly, and in Swedish this time. The article is available here (PDF, 2.75 MB), with permission from Elektroniktidingen. I hope you [...]

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Article in Electronics Weekly

We contributed an article on Linux tracing in the March edition of Electronics Weekly. The article is available online. We hope you like it. If you do, feel free to share the link!

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Phaedrus Systems new UK Reseller

Västerås, Sweden and Tamworth, England, 28th April 2014 Percepio is happy to welcome Phaedrus Systems as the official reseller in the UK for the company’s Tracealyzer software tools. Tracealyzer is a family of highly visual diagnostics tools for embedded and Linux-based software that lets you look inside the runtime system in a new way. There [...]

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New FreeRTOS+Trace Edition

FreeRTOS+Trace gives an unprecedented level of insight into the run-time world of embedded software based on FreeRTOS and OpenRTOS. This allows you to solve complex software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise needed, develop more robust designs to prevent future problems and find new ways to improve your software’s performance. We are now [...]

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Press Release: Percepio partners with Antycip

PRESS RELEASE VÄSTERÅS, Sweden and PARIS, France, March 27th, 2014. Tracealyzer developer Percepio partners with Antycip Swedish trace tool developer Percepio is partnering with Antycip for distribution in France regarding Tracealyzer for Linux and FreeRTOS+Trace, the Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS. Percepio's Tracealyzer tools provide a new level of insight into embedded software’s run-time behavior during development, [...]

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FreeRTOS+Trace v2.6 released!

We are really excited to present our latest version of FreeRTOS+Trace, the Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS. This release of version 2.6 is the largest update in over a year (since v2.3) and includes support for FreeRTOS 8 and several other improvements. Apart from the new features, we are also introducing a new mid-level premium version, Standard [...]

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Introducing Tracealyzer for VxWorks and Linux

Nov. 13, 2013. Västerås, Sweden. Percepio today announces the availability of Tracealyzer for VxWorks and Tracealyzer for Linux. Percepio's Tracealyzer tools provide an unprecedented level of insight into the run-time world of embedded software systems during development, verification and maintenance. This allows you to solve complex software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise [...]

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FreeRTOS+Trace v2.5.1

An update of FreeRTOS+Trace is now available, version 2.5.1, download it here. Added/improved recorder ports for Texas Instruments MSP430, NXP LPC21xx, Atmel AVR32 and Xilinx Microblaze. Fixed an issue related to tracing of FreeRTOS low-power mode/tickless idle. This works as intended now. The End User License Agreement was shown every time the application starts, if [...]

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Video of VxWorks and Linux versions

Here is a new video demonstrating the upcoming Tracealyzer versions for Wind River Linux and Wind River VxWorks. The new products are: Tracealyzer for Wind River Linux supports the default tracer in Wind River Linux and also the newer LTTng v2.x. tracing framework. Tracealyzer for VxWorks, supports the built-in tracer in all versions of Wind [...]

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FreeRTOS+Trace v2.5

We are happy to announce the new version of FreeRTOS+Trace, version 2.5.0. The main improvement is basic support for FreeRTOS "tickless idle" low-power mode. We will soon add additional features related to this, as well as heap and stack allocation. Stay tuned during August! Download is found here. Note:The updated recorder library is so far [...]

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Tracealyzer on JAS Gripen jet fighter

SAAB AB is a leading developer of security and defense solutions, including the advanced fighter aircraft Gripen. When SAAB evaluated Tracealyzer for VxWorks, they were very pleased and we got the following official statement: "The many system views of the Tracealyzer from Percepio made it easy to quickly identify issues in our system that we [...]

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Linux version preview

Our upcoming product "Tracealyzer for Linux" is soon ready for release, and our pilot customer Zenterio has now received the initial delivery of our new trace recorder for Linux, Percepio Micro Tracer (PMT). This has been developed as a complement to the LTTng tracing framework used in e.g. Wind River Linux and several other embedded/commercial [...]

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FreeRTOS+Trace v2.4

We are pleased to announce FreeRTOS+Trace v2.4. The main new feature is a new system for application logging (user events) that allows for using a separate buffer, to get much longer logs of less frequent higher-level events. To learn more about this feature, check out the updated recorder library included in the FreeRTOS+Trace application. Easiest [...]

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Preview of VxWorks support

We are working on Tracealyzer for VxWorks, intended for release during spring 2013. This version uses the existing recorder in VxWorks (wvLib), which generates .wvr files. Thus, no target-side integration is required. Here is a screenshot, showing a recording from quad-core system. The background shows scheduling and system calls on the four cores, and the [...]

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Review by Jack Ganssle

Jack Ganssle, the well known embedded guru and columnist at, has recently published a positive article about our Tracealyzer products. Read it here.

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Embedded World 2013

Percepio is exhibiting at Embedded World 2013, the largest event in embedded systems, held in Nuremberg, Germany. Come meet the team and get a personal demonstration of the latest version of our Tracealyzer products! You find us in stand 428d, hall 5, between feb 26-28 2013.

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FreeRTOS+Trace v2.3

We are happy to announce a major update of FreeRTOS+Trace, version 2.3, which is the first major update since the release of FreeRTOS+Trace. (click to enlarge) The major improvements include: Built-in support for SEGGER J-Link and compatible devices such as Atmel SAM-ICE.  This allows for convenient upload of the trace directly from FreeRTOS+Trace, independently of [...]

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Press release: Atlas Copco buys Tracealyzer

Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB, a leading developer of rock excavation vehicles and machinery, has decided to buy a company-wide license for Percepio’s new diagnostics system for embedded software, Tracealyzer for On Time RTOS-32. Atlas Copco Rock Drills plans to use this for all embedded computers in all rock excavation products, both during lab testing and during field use [...]

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Tracealyzer for On Time RTOS-32

We are proud to announce our new product Tracealyzer for On Time RTOS-32, targeting On Time RTOS-32 from On Time Informatik GmbH. On Time RTOS-32 is a real-time operating system for x86 processors and provides a subset of the Win32 API. Tracealyzer for On Time RTOS-32 is based is the first product released using the new v2.3 [...]

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Free Academic Licenses

We now offer FREE academic licenses of FreeRTOS+Trace Professional Edition, i.e., the full version! This is strictly limited to non-commercial use for education or research at universities or similar, and does not include commercial-level support. Read more on the Pricing and Licensing page. Spread the word!

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“Seeing is Debugging” in Renesas Echo

Serious Integrated Inc. recently published their very positive results from using FreeRTOS+Trace, i.e., our Tracealyzer tool for FreeRTOS. Within a week, they managed to improve their performance (reduce CPU usage) with a factor 3, thanks to the improved insight. See the article "Direct Drive: Seeing is Debugging" in Renesas Echo, June 2012.

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FreeRTOS+Trace v2.2.3

We are proud to announce the release of FreeRTOS+Trace v2.2.3. This is a major improvement since the last broadly announced version, v2.2.1, mainly in quality. Last week we made v2.2.2 available on our website and got some good, constructive feedback, which is now addressed in v2.2.3. With this release, all issues and suggestions reported have been [...]

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Press Release: FreeRTOS initiates collaboration with Percepio

Nuremberg 2012-03-01 FreeRTOS with founder Richard Barry collaborates with Swedish Percepio AB on a new tool, FreeRTOS+Trace™, for runtime diagnostics of FreeRTOS-based systems. (.pdf version here) The embedded world was surprised when presented its large annual market survey in the summer of 2011. It showed that FreeRTOS has grown into the most popular software [...]

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