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To install the plugin either use the Eclipse Marketplace, or use this software repository directly.

Using Eclipse Marketplace

  1. Open your Eclipse-based IDE
  2. Start the Eclipse Marketplace and either:
    • Drag and drop this installation link to the Marketplace window
      Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client
    • Search for "trace", click the Install button and follow the instructions until your Eclipse-based IDE is restarted
    (click for help with installing the Eclipse Marketplace)

Using direct Software repository

To use this URL as a direct Software repository:
  1. Open your Eclipse-based IDE
  2. Click Help > Install New Software
    (missing from Help menu?)
  3. Enter this URL ( in the "Work with:" box and hit Enter
  4. After a short while, the Percepio category, with Percepio Trace Exporter feature, will be shown in the list
  5. Select (check the check box) and hit Next to start the installation process

Installing Eclipse Marketplace

  1. Open your Eclipse-based IDE
  2. Check Help menu and see if Eclipse Marketplace is already installed.
    If not already installed:
    1. Let the list load and enter "market" in the filter box to find it fast, otherwise navigate to "General Purpose Tools" and "Marketplace Client".
      Check the box next to it, click Next and finish the installation steps until your Eclipse-based IDE is restarted.
  3. Install the plugin using Eclipse Marketplace.

Known issues

There are no known issues with the plugin itself, but there are some environments where problems can happen.

Install New Software is missing from my your Eclipse-based IDE

Some Eclipse-based IDEs has removed the option to install new software from the Help menu. The easiest way to access it then is to press Ctrl+3 (Quick Access dialog) and start typing; the Install New Software option should be easy to find.

Handling fatal alert: handshake_failure when installing


Due to export restrictions, some Oracle JRE/JDK cannot be shipped with support for the encryption used by many web certificates.
To solve this, download and install Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Policy (see README.TXT in the .zip, in practice copy two files to a specific directory).