Getting Started

Mohammed Billoo, founder of MAB Labs (, provides custom embedded Linux solutions for a multitude of hardware platforms. In a series of posts during the fall of 2020, he will walk us through the new Linux support in Tracealyzer v4.4, using a real-world driver development project as an example.

1) Using Tracealyzer With a Yocto-based Linux Distribution

A Block Diagram of the Driver

This post covers setting up Yocto and building device firmware with the LTTng tracing library included. Then we move on to capturing simple traces and present some of the basic visualisations in Tracealyzer for Linux.

2) Using Tracealyzer To Ensure That Your IRQ Handler Is Performant

Post #2 dives into a key component of a Linux device driver, the interrupt handler, and shows how Tracealyzer can give you feedback on the performance of your handler.

3) Using Tracealyzer To Ensure That Your Driver Tasklet Is Performant

Coming soon.