Tracealyzer gives unprecedented insight into the run-time world of RTOS-based embedded software, accelerating firmware development.

Efficient development of RTOS-based firmware requires good understanding of the execution, timing and interactions between RTOS tasks, interrupts and the operating system kernel. Tracealyzer offers with 25+ graphical views into the run-time world that give amazing insight during debugging, validation, optimization, documentation and training. Increase development efficiency and deliver robust, responsive software, on time and within budget.

Supported RTOS – Click to learn more

Micrium µC/OS
Wind River VxWorks
On Time RTOS-32
Wittenstein SafeRTOS
Express Logic ThreadX

Download and try Tracealyzer today, without writing a single line of code!

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  • See the runtime world of your embedded software with 25+ graphical views.

  • Analyze execution and timing of RTOS tasks and interrupts.

  • See RTOS API calls and application logging.

  • Simplifies debugging, validation, optimization and training.