Develop, Deploy and Run Critical Edge Software with Confidence

Get full observability into device software and make great products your customers will love and trust. Speed up development and ensure reliability in every situation.

Tracealyzer and DevAlert provide critical observability into embedded software

Runtime insights
over the product lifecycle

Real-time observability in development, testing
and deployed operation of Edge, IoT and Embedded Software

Percepio® Tracealyzer® visualizes the runtime behavior and helps you solve elusive issues rapidly. Customers have reduced debugging time by 80% and doubled their development speed. Verify software timing and optimize performance. Develop faster and deliver with confidence.

Percepio® DevAlert® enables cloud-based observability and remote debugging on errors and anomalies in edge devices. This lets you release sooner, de-risk your product launch and improve your technical support by detailed and secure observability into your device software.

Simplify debugging

Capture traces of errors and anomalies, both in the lab and in the field. Powerful visualizations provide deep insights for rapid resolution.

Verify and optimize

Verify real-time requirements, avoid risks like stack overflow and memory leaks, and ensure the software runs efficiently on the selected processor.

Ensure reliability

Catch and solve elusive issues before they become a problem. Ensure deterministic software for stable performance and reliable testing.

Reduce costs

By spending less time on fault isolation, reproduction, and remediation, you lower your project and maintenance costs.

Grow your business

When your products always perform as expected, customers stay and help you grow your business by recommendations and positive reviews.

Focus on innovation

Take runtime anomalies out of the equation, and spend more time creating and deploying the cool products that customers love.

How it works

Requiring no special tracing hardware, you can monitor embedded C/C++ software with highly efficient software instrumentation that support tracing on any processor. Stream continuously over long time periods or keep the trace data in RAM until requested. Monitor devices in the field and capture snapshots to analyze errors and anomalies.

User Testimonals


“Tracealyzer has doubled our development speed. Problems that otherwise would take days to solve are obvious with this tool and just a quick fix. We use it all the time.”

Alex Pabouctisids
Lead Firmware Engineer, Flyability


“Tracealyzer allowed me to quickly understand and solve serious multi-threading issues, that otherwise would have taken least two weeks to analyze. I got started and solved the first issue in a single day. I strongly recommend Percepio’s tracing tools.”

Chaabane Malki
Embedded Systems Engineer, CGX Aero


“The many system views of the Tracealyzer from Percepio makes it easy to quickly find solutions that we have not seen using (Wind River) System Viewer. The visualization has several advantages over the system viewer and makes it easier to understand system behavior. This tool would be of great use for us.”

Johan Fredriksson
Software Architect, Saab AB

Serious Integrated, Inc.

“In less than 5 days from running the tool, we improved the performance of our graphic rendering engine by 3x!”

Terry West
CEO, Serious Integrated, Inc.

Telcred AB

“Tracealyzer have enabled us to better understand and further improve our embedded software. Using this tool, we have been able to identify performance bottlenecks and solve problems, which otherwise would have been very hard to analyze.”

Carlo Pompili
CEO, Telcred AB

ABB Robotics

“ABB Robotics is using the first generation Tracealyzer in all of the IRC5 robot controllers shipped since 2005. The tool has proven its value many times in all corners of the world.”

Roger Kulläng
Global System Architect, ABB Robotics


“I am looking at an existing code base and architecture in use here on several projects. If we improve how we use FreeRTOS, we would substantially improve software quality, make better use of microcontroller resources and streamline our debugging efforts.  I plan on using Tracealyzer to understand where the project is at today and to help me analyze changes I make going forward.  It is obvious to me that Percepio is working to improve Tracealyzer every day.”

Jim Knutsen


“It is not always easy to decide if an investment is a good idea or not. But now that we have invested in Tracealyzer, it is very difficult for us to imagine developing firmware based on FreeRTOS without it. Money is always a delicate point for every company, but from my point of view, Tracealyzer for an RTOS is like an oscilloscope for hardware design; it’s not an option, it’s a requirement.”

Mr. Ravache
R&D, Neovigie

Endress+Hauser Flow

“Percepio Trazealyzer allows us to quickly analyze and understand our embedded system. It gives us great insight on process timing and interactions within our software.”

Davide Ferrari
Embedded Software Engineer, Endress+Hauser Flow

ARIS Switzerland

“Tracealyzer allowed us to see what our software was doing. It gave us insight into available memory for tasks, and we could verify real-time requirements. We used it throughout the project and found integrating it into our application quite easy thanks to the included instructions.”

Lukas Voge
Electronics & Software Engineer, ARIS Switzerland

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