Percepio Tracealyzer®

Visual trace observability for “X-ray vision” in your embedded software development.
Speed up everyday debugging, solve issues and deliver great products on time.

Simplify Debugging and Develop Faster

Tracealyzer has doubled our development speed. Problems that would take days to solve are obvious with this tool and just a quick fix. We use it all the time.” — Alex Pabouctisids, Lead Firmware Engineer, Flyability

Fed up with endless hours debugging embedded C/C++ code? Bid farewell to tedious troubleshooting and welcome accelerated development with Percepio Tracealyzer. Traditional debugging is often ineffective for today's complex RTOS or Linux systems and may consume 40-50% of the development time.

Get visual trace observability to speed up your everyday debugging and solve issues where traditional debugging falls short. Learn how Tracealyzer simplifies debugging.

Optimize System Performance

“In less than 5 days from running the tool, we improved the performance of our graphic rendering engine by 3x” -  Terry West, CEO, Serious Integrated, Inc.

Tracealyzer offers advanced profiling features showing the events behind the numbers. Pinpoint performance bottlenecks and unlock the full potential of your hardware. Ensure you meet product performance goals and deliver a responsive user experience.

Optimization is challenging for multi-threaded RTOS or Linux systems. When a thread is slow, it is often due to factors not apparent in the source code. Visual trace observability gives the full picture and simplifies optimization.


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User Testimonals


“Tracealyzer has doubled our development speed. Problems that otherwise would take days to solve are obvious with this tool and just a quick fix. We use it all the time.”

Alex Pabouctisids
Lead Firmware Engineer, Flyability


“Tracealyzer allowed me to quickly understand and solve serious multi-threading issues, that otherwise would have taken least two weeks to analyze. I got started and solved the first issue in a single day. I strongly recommend Percepio’s tracing tools.”

Chaabane Malki
Embedded Systems Engineer, CGX Aero


“The many system views of the Tracealyzer from Percepio makes it easy to quickly find solutions that we have not seen using (Wind River) System Viewer. The visualization has several advantages over the system viewer and makes it easier to understand system behavior. This tool would be of great use for us.”

Johan Fredriksson
Software Architect, Saab AB

Serious Integrated, Inc.

“In less than 5 days from running the tool, we improved the performance of our graphic rendering engine by 3x!”

Terry West
CEO, Serious Integrated, Inc.

Telcred AB

“Tracealyzer have enabled us to better understand and further improve our embedded software. Using this tool, we have been able to identify performance bottlenecks and solve problems, which otherwise would have been very hard to analyze.”

Carlo Pompili
CEO, Telcred AB

ABB Robotics

“ABB Robotics is using the first generation Tracealyzer in all of the IRC5 robot controllers shipped since 2005. The tool has proven its value many times in all corners of the world.”

Roger Kulläng
Global System Architect, ABB Robotics


“I am looking at an existing code base and architecture in use here on several projects. If we improve how we use FreeRTOS, we would substantially improve software quality, make better use of microcontroller resources and streamline our debugging efforts.  I plan on using Tracealyzer to understand where the project is at today and to help me analyze changes I make going forward.  It is obvious to me that Percepio is working to improve Tracealyzer every day.”

Jim Knutsen


“It is not always easy to decide if an investment is a good idea or not. But now that we have invested in Tracealyzer, it is very difficult for us to imagine developing firmware based on FreeRTOS without it. Money is always a delicate point for every company, but from my point of view, Tracealyzer for an RTOS is like an oscilloscope for hardware design; it’s not an option, it’s a requirement.”

Mr. Ravache
R&D, Neovigie

Endress+Hauser Flow

“Percepio Trazealyzer allows us to quickly analyze and understand our embedded system. It gives us great insight on process timing and interactions within our software.”

Davide Ferrari
Embedded Software Engineer, Endress+Hauser Flow

ARIS Switzerland

“Tracealyzer allowed us to see what our software was doing. It gave us insight into available memory for tasks, and we could verify real-time requirements. We used it throughout the project and found integrating it into our application quite easy thanks to the included instructions.”

Lukas Voge
Electronics & Software Engineer, ARIS Switzerland

Zephyr Project
Eclipse ThreadX
Linux Tux
Lynx Software Technologies

Bare-metal, RTOS and Linux

Tracealyzer provides prepackaged support for many popular embedded operating systems and RTOS kernels, including FreeRTOS, Zephyr, ThreadX, PX5 RTOS, SafeRTOS, LynxOS-178, VxWorks and Linux. The Tracealyzer SDK enables other OS integrations and also extensions for full-stack observability. The Bare-Metal option can be used in any C/C++ project, with or without a supported RTOS kernel. 

On any processor

Tracealyzer supports many processor families, including STM32, NXP i.MX RT, Xilinx Zynq and other Arm devices, ESP32 and others. Tracealyzer is commonly used on 32-bit microcontrollers, 64-bit multicore SoCs and everything in between.

Percepio Application Note #33 Cover

With any development tools

Tracealyzer can be used with any compiler, including GCC, Clang and IAR Embedded Workbench. Specific guides and debugger support are available for Arm Keil µVision, IAR, Segger J-Link, STM32CubeIDE, Espressif ESP-IDF and Lauterbach.

Learn More

There are plenty of articles and customer cases in our blog and in the Resources section. In particular, make sure to read the white paper Stop Guessing and also check out Tracealyzer Hands On, a series of short blogs on practical examples of Tracealyzer.

DevAlert logo

Continous Observability with Percepio DevAlert

Percepio also provides a cloud-connected solution for continuous observability in system testing, field testing and in deployment, Percepio DevAlert. This includes Tracealyzer support as well as remote debugging support on source-code level, for example on hard fault exceptions.

“Tracealyzer has always offered exceptional value to our global community of users by giving engineers direct insight into how their applications are executing. This information is invaluable when both optimizing and debugging FreeRTOS applications.”

Richard Barry

Founder, FreeRTOS

“Percepio Tracealyzer enables unparalleled insight into the execution and timing of the RTX5 real-time operating system, the MDK middleware components and the user application. Percepio is the first ARM partner to utilize our new Event Recorder technology, which provides high-speed access to a running target system.”

Reinhard Keil

Director of MCU tools, Arm

“What Percepio has achieved with Tracealyzer is to remove the guesswork of designing an RTOS-based system. It’s ability to record and then analyze what’s happening gives developers a view into their system that would be impossible to have otherwise.”

Jean Labrosse

President and CEO, Micrium Inc. and µC/OS-III

“It’s nearly impossible for developers to correct a safety, security, or performance issue if they can’t see or understand the problem. Percepio’s Tracealyzer provides extensive firmware visualization, which fosters a better understanding of the firmware. Developers using Tracealyzer on the PX5 RTOS platform can more easily enhance and optimize their firmware and swiftly debug issues, including the most difficult system crashes.”

William E. Lamie

Founder and CEO, PX5

How To Use AUTOSAR Runnables With Tracealyzer

How To Use AUTOSAR Runnables With Tracealyzer

Tracing of AUTOSAR runnables is a fairly new feature in Percepio Tracealyzer, added in v4.7.0. One of our automotive customers needed this feature to simplify ISO 26262 certification of their Electronic Control Unit (ECU) software. Runnable tracing is applicable to all kind of embedded applications, though.

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Introducing Tracealyzer SDK for Custom Integrations

Introducing Tracealyzer SDK for Custom Integrations

Percepio Tracealyzer is available for many popular real-time operating systems (RTOS), including FreeRTOS, Zephyr, and Azure RTOS ThreadX, and also for Linux. But if you want to use it for an unsupported RTOS, you’ve been out of luck—until now.

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Prepare for a soft landing

Prepare for a soft landing

Swiss student rocket team ARIS from Zürich leverages visual trace diagnostics to smooth the trajectory of its autonomous rocket recovery system.

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