Solve runtime issues fast

With visual Tracealyzer diagnostics, embedded software developers verify, debug, and optimize with confidence.

Runtime insights are just the beginning

Percepio® Tracealyzer® is how embedded software developers dive deep into the real-time behavior of their systems. With visual insights into task scheduling, interrupt handler execution, system calls, memory usage, and more, Tracealyzer uncovers the tricky timing, scheduling and efficiency issues common to RTOS- and Linux-based firmware development.

Multiple runtime views

More than 30 interconnected views let you dig into and correlate different perspectives, like interactions between tasks, message queues, and semaphores.

Customizable diagnostics

With customizable logging, filters, and views, there’s no limit to how you can see and understand state, behavior, and timing across all components of your system.

Real-time observability

Get valuable data live as the system is running, allowing you to trigger behavior, witness responses, and observe trends over time.

How Tracealyzer works

Requiring no special hardware, Tracealyzer uses highly efficient software instrumentation to record software event traces. This can be streamed to the host application views or kept in target RAM until requested. This is enabled by our trace recorder library, refined since 2009 and provided as open source.

Run on any platform

Software tracing works on any processor and Tracealyzer comes with turn-key support for many processor families and software platforms, including FreeRTOS, Zephyr, Azure RTOS ThreadX, VxWorks and Linux.

Supported platforms

Tracealyzer Supported Operating Systems

Who uses Tracealyzer


What Percepio has achieved with Tracealyzer is to remove the guesswork of designing an RTOS-based system. Its ability to record and analyze what’s happening gives developers a view into their system that would be impossible to have otherwise

Jean Labrosse

President and CEO, Micrium, Inc.

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