Tracealyzer Target OS Support

Percepio Tracealyzer supports several popular RTOS platforms as well as Linux tracing. You get started quickly using the Getting Started guides. More information about each Target OS support is provided on the linked pages.

In case your Target OS isn’t listed, Tracealyzer also offers a “Bare Metal” option without RTOS assumptions that can be integrated in any C/C++ software. This can be used with any RTOS and with Bare Metal “superloop” designs. This is also the foundation for the Tracealyzer SDK, enabling fully customizable Tracealyzer observability for your whole embedded software stack.

The Tracealyzer features are similar for all supported platforms, but there are some differences between the Target OS integrations. To see what views that are populated for your Target OS, check out the demo traces provided with Tracealyzer.

Feel free to contact if you have questions.