The Percepio® Tracealyzer host application is licensed per development seat or team. The following license types are available:


Percepio® DevAlert is licensed annually, with the fee based on the estimated number of devices monitored. Please contact for a custom quote. A free, time-limited evaluation license is also available through our DevAlert Sandbox.

General Terms

Free Evaluation

You may evaluate Tracealyzer free of charge for a limited time. Register for evaluation on the Download page and a license key is emailed within a few minutes. This is a node-locked license and can’t be extended using the automated form. If you need more time for your evaluation, please contact for assistance.

Note: Evaluation licenses are for EVALUATION only and may not be used for real issues in commercial projects.

Purchasing and Pricing

Look through our Partner page to locate an authorized reseller in your region. They are all specialized in embedded development tools and processes, and are happy to assist you with getting Tracealyzer up and running. You may also request a quote by filling out this form, or by mailing Node-locked licenses can also be purchased online, in the Percepio Web Store.

Support and Licensing
Terms and Conditions

See the Terms and Conditions page and the privacy policy. Usage of the application is subject to our End-User License Agreement.

General Licenses

Node-Locked License

Intended for individual developers. Lets you run Tracealyzer on a single computer. One year of support and free updates is included, after that you can buy yearly maintenance contracts to continue receiving updates.

Floating Network License

Intended for small to medium-sized work groups. The license is shared within your group or organization and allows an unlimited number of installations within a single work site (office, workplace or similar), but there is a cap on the number of concurrent users. One year of support and updates is included and you can extend this with yearly maintenance contracts.

Multi-Site Floating License

Identical to the Floating License, except that users may be spread over multiple work sites within the organization. One year of support and updates is included and you can extend this with yearly maintenance contracts.

Subscription License

A solution tailored to larger development groups where there may be many RTOS projects running in parallel. It is also useful if you are evaluating several RTOSes and haven’t yet decided which one to use. A Subscription license is a floating license that allows you to use Tracealyzer with all of our supported operating systems.* It is valid for one year and includes not only free support and updates but also any Tracealyzer add-on products that Percepio may release during that time. A subscription can at any time be converted to a regular floating license.

*Except SAFERTOS, Quadros

Academic Licenses

University Package with Support

For universities and other institutions for higher education we offer the University Package, a multi-user license with a common shared license key. The price is discounted by 90% compared to our commercial licenses and the minimum package is for 10 computers.

Free Licensing for Academic Users

Free Licensing for Academic Users

We offer FREE ACADEMIC LICENSES for all Tracealyzer products for users within education or academic research. Schools and institutions can request a site license, while individual students can request a single license. In both cases, the academic licenses are restricted to non-commercial use only but offer full functionality and unlimited updates.*

*Support is not included.

Conditions for Academic Licenses

  • Strictly for non-commercial use.
  • Limited to one year but may be extended at year’s end.
  • Individual licenses consist of one (1) node-locked license.
  • Site licenses can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Does NOT include technical support. If you need support, see the University Package above.
  • By requesting an academic license, you give us the right to use your provided information, including link. logo, and quote but not your e-mail address, for marketing purposes. Specifically, we intend to list users, projects and schools with academic licenses on our website.
  • We reserve the right to deny academic license requests.

Request an Academic License

Institution License Request

We reserve the right to feature your institution name and/or logo as a Percepio Academic Partner
Approximate number of seats in lab
Please use your university issued email.
We reserve the right to use your quote for marketing purposes.

Individual License Request

Please use your university issued email.
Include type of application in development, hardware and software used along with specific problems you hope to solve.