Eliminate runtime anomalies in the field

Remotely detect and debug anomalies in RTOS devices in the field. Resolve issues 100X faster, improve reliability and lower operational costs.

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Get started in 5 minutes with access to a realistic RTOS application directly within your browser and DevAlert already integrated – all without writing a single line of code.

Deliver value on the front lines
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Percepio® DevAlert gives device OEMs and operators a diagnostic feedback loop between remote devices and their teams. Track issues automatically from device to cloud to desktop and find solutions quickly thanks to remote debugging support. Purpose-built for RTOS-based devices with security, privacy, transparency and scalability in focus, you can detect issues and anomalies within seconds and reduce debugging time by 80% or more.

Accelerate device testing

Capture traces on software issues automatically and collaborate in the cloud – no IoT connectivity required.

Reduce time to repair

From the first alert to deploying an OTA fix, developers get all the system data they need to resolve bugs and performance issues.

Safeguard deployments at scale

With cloud-based dashboards and lean data collection, you gain real-time insights into the performance and behavior of the entire device fleet without alert fatigue or massive logs.

How DevAlert works

Debug without needing a physical debug port. DevAlert provides remote anomaly detection and diagnostics through an existing device connection, either via your own cloud or a local connection to a private computer.

Define the alerts you need, such as crashes (hardware exceptions), software errors, or suspicious activity. Detailed diagnostics include event traces as well as metadata, including the direct symptoms that serve as a fingerprint of the issue.

Leverage a visual overview of recent issues, with links to diagnostic data, statistics and notifications to the development team. Only metadata is uploaded to the cloud service, while the diagnostic data is always kept within the your private network (cloud or local). At any time, you can review the alert and associated trace data to understand device performance, triage severity, and isolate root causes.



DevAlert Sandbox

The DevAlert Sandbox makes it easy to experience DevAlert and explore its possibilities. Within five minutes, you get a realistic RTOS application directly in your web browser, with DevAlert already integrated – without writing a single line of code.

Lean, centralized data management

Percepio DevAlert is a fully managed cloud service, designed to scale to millions of devices. Uploads occur only when anomalies are detected on the device – and as decided by the integrator, with traces limited to a few kilobytes or less.

Pinpoint debugging

Using Tracealyzer, device issues can be isolated with a complete timeline of events, including thread details, system calls and memory allocations.

Example use cases

Testing Devices Flowchart

Testing Devices

You have 50 devices in the test lab. Over several days you experience sporadic crashes or weird glitches. Your release deadline is almost here, but you can’t isolate the problem despite many hours of heroic debugging.

DevAlert acts like a surveillance camera for your RTOS system. You can set up alerts on any software condition of interest and receive an execution trace leading up to the alert. When an anomaly is detected, an alert and trace are uploaded for analysis in Percepio Tracealyzer, where you can reproduce and identify the problem quickly.

This is especially valuable for errors detected during manual testing, where the exact circumstances may be hard to repeat, and for flaky automated tests that occasionally fail without obvious reasons.

Safeguarding deployments
at scale

Your company has launched a new smart device and customers are complaining about unusual behaviors. Your team suspects a bug in critical code but cannot reproduce the issue … and the bad online reviews are piling up.

DevAlert provides a diagnostic feedback loop from deployed devices to developer and support teams, with full insights into behaviors at scale. On the first occurrence of an issue, instant notifications are sent directly to the developer team, with detailed traces of the most recent events before the anomaly was detected.

The DevAlert Dashboard summarizes all alerts and provides a compact to-do list of the underlying code issues, and highlights new ones to ensure nothing is missed. You’re also able to see how many times each anomaly has occurred, so you can prioritize multiple issues at the same time.

Safeguarding Deployments at Scale Dashboard


With the DevAlert Sandbox, you get a virtual device with sample source code, development tools, an environment simulator, and DevAlert ready to run in your browser.

Launch DevAlert Sandbox

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Beningo Embedded Group
The world has been waiting for a solution like DevAlert. DevAlert will revolutionize product quality and it’s a must-have for any embedded or IoT project.
Jacob Beningo

Beningo Embedded Group

Introducing DevAlert Sandbox

Introducing DevAlert Sandbox

Introducing DevAlert Sandbox, an easy route to instant anomaly detection in RTOS device software for 100x faster resolution, safeguarding deployments at scale.

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