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Tracealyzer: Stop Guessing


Tracealyzer is the premier solution for visual trace diagnostics, giving embedded software developers full insight into the runtime world. This means easier debugging of system-level issues and improved software design and performance. Ensure your code is reliable, efficient and responsive. If it isn’t, learn why.


Percepio DevAlert is an extendable anomaly detection framework for RTOS-based embedded software that lets you detect, report, store, classify and analyze anomalies, with software traces showing what happened so you can take action. A cloud service is provided for managing the anomaly stream from a vehicle fleet to the desktop.

DevAlert: Device Insight

Our Products

Percepio® is the leading provider of visual trace diagnostics for embedded and IoT software systems in development and in the field.


Percepio® Tracealyzer combines software tracing with powerful visualizations, allowing users to spot and analyze issues in software recordings during development and testing.

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Percepio® DevAlert is a cloud-connected monitoring framework for OEMs developing RTOS device software, providing instant insight on bugs and anomalies.

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