The Percepio Tracealyzer host application is licensed per development seat, team or organisation. The following license types are available:

  • Node-locked licenses, a license key bound to a specific computer. Intended for individual users.
  • Floating network licenses, allowing unlimited installations with a maximum number of concurrent users. Intended for small to medium-size teams.
  • Site licenses, a shared license key allowing unlimited use at a specific company site.
  • Company licenses, a shared license key allowing unlimited within your company/division.
  • Academic licenses – see below.

Products and Editions

Tracealyzer is a family of products, where each product targets a particular operating system. Some Tracealyzer products are available in a feature-limited Free Edition, as well as the full Professional Edition. See the table below for a detailed feature comparison, with links to screenshots illustrating the features. We provide a single installer including both editions, when applicable. The installer also allows for time-limited evaluation with full functionality.

Purchasing and Pricing

Check our partner page for authorized resellers in your region, all specialized in embedded development tools.

If you are interested in multi-users license or a deployment license, please contact for a quote.

Node-locked licenses can be purchased online, in the Percepio Store.

Licensing Terms and Conditions

See the Terms and Conditions page and the privacy policy.

University Package

For universities and other institutions for higher education we offer the University Package, a multi-user license with a common shared license key. The price is discounted by 90% compared to our commercial licenses and the minimum package is for 10 computers. These licenses are restricted to non-commercial use only. A 12-month maintenance plan is included, covering support and updates. The 90% discount also applies on maintenance plan extensions.

Request a quote by e-mail to

Free Individual Licensing for Academic Users

We offer FREE ACADEMIC LICENSES for all Tracealyzer products for individual users within education or academic research. The academic licenses are restricted to non-commercial use only, but offer full functionally and unlimited updates. Support is not included.

To get an academic license, contact using your university e-mail
and e-mail subject “ACADEMIC LICENSE REQUEST ”.
Please include the following information:

    • Full name and e-mail
    • University/school name, faculty and course
    • A link to the course/project website
    • A short project description (type of application in development, hardware and software used)
    • Specific problems you hope to solve by using the Percepio tools

Conditions of the Academic License

    • Strictly for non-commercial use.
    • One (1) node-locked license is allowed per person.
    • Does NOT include technical support. If you need support, see University Package above.
    • By requesting an academic license, you give us the right to use your provided information for marketing purposes, except for your e-mail address. Specifically, we intend to list users, projects and schools with academic licenses at our website.
    • We reserve the right to deny academic license requests.

Please allow us a few days to respond!

Features included

Feature Free* Pro Comment
Snapshot trace Yes Yes Memory-efficient trace recording to a RAM buffer (typ. 6-7 byte/event).
Streaming trace Limited Yes Continuous tracing over long durations (Free Edition limited to 30 seconds).
Task and ISR trace Yes Yes Display of task-switching and traced ISRs.
CPU load graph Yes Yes Variations in processor load over time, per task and ISR.
Finder window Limited Yes Search for task instances and events, with filters.
Display of Kernel service calls No Yes Message queues, semaphores, mutexes, etc.
Display of User Events Yes Log anything in your code, variables, states, events, etc.
Combine multiple views Limited Yes Combine any of the 20+ horizontal views on the same timeline.
Statistics Report Yes Execution times, response times, etc. for each execution.
Memory Heap Utilization Yes Usage of dynamic memory, and highlighting of potential memory leaks.
Communication Flow graph Yes Dependency graph, showing interactions of tasks and ISRs via RTOS objects.
Kernel Object Utilization Yes The usage level of queues and counting semaphores over time.
Kernel Object History Yes List of all operations for a specific object, e.g., a semaphore or queue.
User Event Signal Plot Yes Plot your data from User Events, like inputs and outputs, states or other logged variables.
User Event Log
Yes List of User Events, much like a “debug console” view that gives a high-level view of relevant events.
Scheduling intensity Yes Number of traced context-switches per time unit, per task and ISR, over time.
Kernel Call Intensity Yes Number of kernel service calls per time unit, displayed over time, either by task/ISR or by service.
Kernel Blocking Times Yes All cases where tasks are blocked by the kernel, displayed as a plot.
Actor Instance Graphs Yes See variations in execution times, response times, periodicity, etc.

.(* Free Edition is only available for FreeRTOS, and soon also for Micrium.)