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These photos are © Percepio and only intended for the press. As a journalist, you may freely use them in conjunction with reporting about Percepio and/or any of its products. For press inquiries, please contact

Johan Kraft

Dr. Johan Kraft, Percepio CEO and founder

Percepio logo

Percepio logo

Connected Views

With more than 25 interconnected views, Percepio Tracealyzer can show you many aspects of your RTOS-based embedded application.

Tracealyzer 4.2 traceview

Tracealyzer 4.2 screenshot

Tracealyzer 4.2 traceview

Architecture of Percepio DevAlert. Also available in PDF.

Tracealyzer 4.4 (forthcoming)

Screenshot from Tracealyzer 4.4 showing the support for embedded Linux tracing.

Press Releases

2002, 2020

Percepio Launches DevAlert Cloud Service

February 20th, 2020|

Percepio announces DevAlert, a ground-breaking cloud service for IoT product organizations that provides immediate awareness of firmware problems in deployed devices and visual diagnostic information to speed resolution.

1712, 2018

Percepio Joins Embedded Vision Alliance

December 17th, 2018|

Västerås, Sweden, 17th December 2018    * * *   Percepio has joined the Embedded Vision Alliance, a worldwide industry partnership for companies engaged in enabling and developing applications for computer vision.

1810, 2018

Tracealyzer 4 Now Supports On Time RTOS-32

October 18th, 2018|

Västerås, Sweden, 18th October 2018   * * *   Percepio, the leader in software trace visualization for embedded systems and IoT, announces Tracealyzer 4 support for On Time RTOS-32, in addition to the already supported Amazon FreeRTOS, Keil RTX5, Micrium µC/OS-III and SafeRTOS/OpenRTOS.