Getting Started with Tracealyzer on STM32

Percepio Tracealyzer is the leading solution for visual trace diagnostics for STM32 software. It lets you record a timeline of your RTOS tasks, API calls and custom logging and explore the data visually, using 30+ interactive and interconnected views.

Tracealyzer relies on a trace recorder software library, that automatically records events from the RTOS kernel. It also allows for logging your own events in the application code, such as variable values and states, much like a printf but 100x faster. No extra tracing hardware is required.

Most STM32 projects created with STM32CubeIDE uses FreeRTOS, via the CMSIS-RTOS API. For instance, osKernelStart() is a wrapper for the FreeRTOS function vTaskStartScheduler(). This guide is for FreeRTOS users, but Tracealyzer supports several leading RTOSes.

To get started with Tracealyzer , the first step is to sign up for a free evaluation license. This also provides the download link.

To integrate the trace recorder library in your FreeRTOS build, follow this Quick Start Guide for FreeRTOS.

You may also refer to the video that demonstrates the integration of the TraceRecorder library in STM32CubeIDE.

The default mode of the recorder is snapshot tracing, using a RAM buffer to hold the trace data. Use our plugin for STM32CubeIDE to open the trace in Tracealyzer.

Tracealyzer also supports continuous trace streaming that allows for recording very long traces and with live visualization, as shown in the second video. Trace streaming is supported in many ways. To get started, see the below guides:

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