Tracealyzer for VxWorks

Tracealyzer gives an unprecedented insight into the run-time world of VxWorks systems. Solve software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise needed, develop more robust designs and find new ways to improve your software’s performance.

Multi-threaded software often has a complex behavior, where small changes in software timing may lead to unexpected behaviors. Timing-related problems are expensive as they manifest in late stages of testing, or worse, in deployed production code, and can be hard to reproduce. This risk is mitigated if the developers have a good insight into the software’s runtime behavior, through visual trace diagnostics.

Tracealyzer for VxWorks visualizes the run-time behavior of your embedded software through 25+ graphical views that complement the debugger perspective with the “big picture”. You may have used a tracing tool before, but the Tracealyzer visualization is on a new level. The views are interconnected in innovative ways and are simple and intuitive to use, which makes Tracealyzer a very powerful analysis tool.

Tracealyzer for VxWorks reads the data from the built-in trace recorder in VxWorks (wvLib) and is compatible with all VxWorks versions from v5.5 and forwards, including VxWorks 7 and multi-processor systems. This is a pure software solution, so no extra hardware is needed to use Tracealyzer.

Tracealyzer provides an unprecedented insight that gives several high-level benefits in your products development. Solve complex software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise needed, develop more robust designs to prevent future problems and find new ways to improve your software’s performance.

Tracealyzer can be used as a lab tool but also for post-mortem analysis. Some customers keep the recording active in their release build, which gives them very valuable trace diagnostics on real-world issues that otherwise would have been hard to analyze.

The trace recorder in VxWorks (wvLib) can be configured as a “flight recorder”, keeping the latest event history in a RAM ring-buffer, or to continuously store the trace to the device file system, or to stream it directly to the development computer.

Tracealyzer for VxWorks is available from our downloads page. The included demo trace makes it easy to get started and you get a free evaluation period with full functionality.

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Percepio App Note PA-031 helps you get up to speed with Tracealyzer for VxWorks. If you have further technical questions, don’t hesitate to contact

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