Percepio RTOS Training

Percepio RTOS Training offers courses in embedded development with a real-time operating system, featuring embedded consultant Jacob Beningo.


Embedded systems are becoming complex and even resource constrained devices are requiring a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). In this workshop, attendees will be walked through RTOS fundamentals starting with simple bare-metal scheduling techniques through the intricacy required to design a RTOS-based application. Attendees will examine practical examples and techniques that will decrease their learning curve and help them avoid the common pitfalls many developers fall into when starting to use an RTOS.

Percepio Tracealyzer is used throughout the course to further enhance attendees RTOS application understanding.

The course is delivered as seven sessions, covering basic embedded system and RTOS concepts such as tasks, threads, synchronisation, and memory management.

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Understanding basic RTOS principles is easy but applying those techniques can still be difficult. This workshop propels developers into advanced RTOS application design techniques that are rarely covered in traditional RTOS courses but are critical to the practicing engineer. In this course we will examine practical examples and techniques that will accelerate development activities and improve the robustness of RTOS-based designs. We will be using Percepio Tracealyzer to not only visualize our applications but also spot common RTOS issues such as priority inversions and dead-lock.

The course is delivered as seven sessions and covers among other things design patterns, security, optimisation, tracing, and debugging.

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